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" This Hungarian pop princess is going to give the American ladies a run for their money!!!". 

- Mary Gebhart

"One thing that separates Miss Kiss from others like Britney Spears on most of her songs is that her vocals are clean and raw, no real effects or Autotune, which is refreshing to hear for a change."

- Anon, Skope magazin

If you haven't heard of Barbara Kiss then you'd better check out her music right now, before you miss the next great thing in pop music.

This Eastern European pop singer, who also writes and produces her music will give you some fresh sounds with her silky, crystal clear and pitch perfect vocals.

Her debut album, From me to you, was released in 2013 which you can find on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. She already wrote 8 songs out of the 12 total and produced the whole album.

In the meantime Barbara relocated to her dream country, the US, more specifically to Los Angeles to be closer to the heat. She has been writing, recording and performing all over town vowing audiences with her cute and sexy image and charming personality.

Her new single 'Let me know' will be released soon which will mark her new journey as a musician with a fresh new sound and more personal lyrics than ever before. So stay tuned and support Barbara Kiss!

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